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for fans of LA Ink
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For fans of LA Ink looking for pictures, information, and more!

This year, Kat Von D decided to leave sunny Miami and the cast of Miami Ink for her hometown of Los Angeles to start her own tattoo shop and reality show. During its first season, LA Ink has become a reality hit with tattoo lovers and the like everywhere. Along with tattoo artists Kim Saigh, Corey Miller and Hannah Aitchison, they're running one of the most successful tattoo shops in LA.

You may post pictures, news, information, anything pertaining to the cast of LA Ink. Please be respectful and not offensive. The drama belongs on the show, not here.

Have you gotten a tattoo from anyone at High Voltage? Post it here and brag about it!

High Voltage Tattoo Official Site
Frequently Asked Questions about LA Ink
LA Ink Official Website
LA Ink Casting Page

The new season just started! Check out the show on TLC, Tuesdays at 10pm and 11pm.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Kat Von D or any of the staff of LA Ink or High Voltage Tattoo. I'm just a fan :)

Much thanks to refuted for the layout!